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·       Daily Bread Caterers and the Bake a Bread project

Part of our skills development programme is to teach disadvantaged individuals how to start their own businesses. From planning and budgeting, to cooking and waitering, we aim to create jobs and create a sustainable source of income for families in the Kya Sands informal settlement. Daily Bread Caterers services the Fourways and surrounding areas and income generated through catering goes back into the Daily Bread Organisation.

The ‘Bake a Bread’ project helps households empower themselves and feed their families by starting a micro-business bakery. Those who participate are given two pre-packaged bags of ingredients. Each bag can make one loaf of bread. Each participant is instructed to make one loaf of bread for their family to eat and one to sell. The profits go towards buying the next day’s packet of ingredients which Daily Bread offers at below cost price. Through coaching of small business owners in the Fourways community, participants learn how to grow their micro-business into a fully-fledged bakery. 

·       Feeding schemes in the Kya Sands Informal Settlement

There are three components to our feeding scheme in Kya Sands – sponsoring meals at a pre-primary school, feeding children in primary and high school and running our soup kitchen.

We are sponsoring meals at a pre-primary school in Kya Sands: All vulnerable children are fed on their return from school every Monday.

Our soup kitchen rolls out three times every week in Kya Sands. Our belief in co-perfomance means that everything we give the community is based on giving them a hand-up – not a hand-down. Thus, in order to be fed by the soup kitchen, members of these communities must exchange a full bag of rubbish collected in the area for their supper. This increases their feelings of self-worth as their meal has been ‘earned’ and is something they can work towards that benefits their community.  

·         Beauty Pageants                      

The Cinderella-Rags to Riches initiative is run by the Daily Bread Organisation. This project gives girl children from the informal settlements the opportunity to get to be Cinderella for a day. Many of them will never be able to attend their matric dance because they do not have the funds necessary to buy a dress or accessories. This impacts their feelings of self-worth negatively and may impact on how they perceive their opportunities to improve their lives. In order to qualify for this project, young women must write an essay of motivation explaining why they are special and why their dream to attend the matric dance should be fulfilled. 

The aim of the project is to inspire these women through giving them the following:

o   Role models - they can make it, and so can I.

o   Success stories motivate people to follow in the footsteps and follow the do's and don’ts during the rags to     riches journey.

o   Affirmation - positive stories create positive mindset and they are definitely suggestive.

o   Hope – they give those who are from vulnerable backgrounds the sense of “I can dream it so I can be it”.

Members of the community are given the opportunity to donate ball gowns, evening wear, costume jewellery, evening bags, perfume and make up to the project.                                     

·       Fostering orphans over the school holidays

A school holiday hosted by Daily Bread is the most rewarding holiday they will ever experience. We take children from shelters all over the country and give them the holiday of a lifetime. For all of these children, the school holiday represent nothing positive except large stretches of idle time. Daily Bread fixes this by taking the children on a diverse range of activities such as ice skating, going to the movies or visiting the zoo.

In order to qualify for the programme again, learners must regularly attend school during term time and achieve good results. 

·       The Nomvula Project

While private and former “Model C” schools tend to have access to vast amounts of information regarding their options after high-school, the same cannot be said for poorly resourced and scantly funded public schools – especially in townships and other underdeveloped areas. Many of these learners are surrounded by circumstances so dire that they believe that the only options for them after high school are manual labour or domestic work in wealthy suburbs.

Many of these learners also have no internet access which means those who excel at school, often do not have access to information about scholarships or bursaries, mentors to discuss their ambitions and plans with, or details of how to reach their goals through channels outside of the traditional university education which may be out of their financial or geographical reach.

They also have no way to know which tertiary institutions are credible, which subjects and courses they should choose, how to write their curriculum vitas or letters of motivations and other vital skills that children from a more privileged background would be able to learn from life orientation teachers, school counsellors or their parents. Even with supportive parents, learners from underdeveloped public schools can also battle with the simple transition between secondary and tertiary education without the right support structure behind them: one comprised of individuals who have recently been to a tertiary institution, understand its demands and can assist these learners with succeeding in these new environments. 

In response to this growing feeling that information regarding the options of these learners after high-school was under-supported in poorly resourced areas, Daily Bread will be launching the Nomvula project in June 2012. The word ‘nomvula’ means after the rain and we hope that this project can become a watershed for young people with difficult backgrounds, we hope that they can become multipliers of the skills they learn in this programme and spread the lessons learnt to siblings, friends and co-learners in their communities. 

Project Highlights 2010 through 2015 and beyond


Weekly soup kitchen that rolls out 3 times a week

Mandela Day - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015

Kids Carnival 2010 and Christmas Party 2009 – 2013 vulnerable children from Kya Sands

Blanket drives in winter for Masawawa and Kya Sands in addition to ongoing foodstuff and clothing collections

Disaster management aid for victims of a fire that destroy shacks in the Kya Sands informal settlement

Hosting of street children from various shelters during all school holidays

Feeding programmes at various schools in informal settlement 

Skills development and Early Childhood Development

Daily Bread Caterers and the ‘Bake a Bread’ micro-business bakery project

Miss Kya Sands Beauty Pageant

In 2012 this project was launched. Due to the Success it will be an annual feature on our calendar

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In Honour of Nelson Mandela - Citation Awards

Daily Bread Charity will award Ordinary Persons doing Extraordinary things


Projects: 'Singing under the African Sky'  (Annual Event)

The June Kraus Academy, in collaboration with the Daily Bread Organisation, is launching its first annual 'Singing to the African Stars Competition' for children aged between 6-18 years on 9 June 2012 in Johannesburg.

'Singing under the African Sky' is an educational programme that will identify, support, uplift and reward the talents of young vocal performers across Southern Africa, by organising competitive forums in which artists from ages 6 to 16 years may present their talents in the performance of contemporary, classical, crossover, African traditional, African urban and Afrikaans genres. Choirs and singing groups are welcome.

The Daily Bread Organisation is based in the northern Johannesburg informal settlement of Kya Sands but invites all members of this community and others to join in the celebration of the arts and of young talent.

Donations in kind (or otherwise) for prizes or volunteers to assist on the day are also welcome and appreciated by both staff and the children we work with.


For more information about this event or the Daily Bread Organisation, contact Charmaine on 073 951 1918. Alternatively, e-mail to dailybread@mweb.co.za.

Venue: Judah African Church, Cnr Agnes and Rooikrans Road, Kya Sands, Fourways, Johannesburg


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