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Quotes Our Founder of Daily Bread Org has just won this award. CONGRATULATIONS! With the above perspective, we are pleased to confer the ?WOMEN LEADERSHIP AWARD? to you at the WWLCA. The Award is conferred to the "Outstanding Women Professionals who have the vision, flair, acumen and professionalism to demonstrate excellent leadership and management skills in an organization, making changes and achieving results". The Award will consist of a Statuette and a Citation to recognize the valuable contribution made by you to the society & Industry at large. Quotes

Quotes Daily Bread Org thank you for always making our kids lives more happy. God Bless your organisation. "Easter Monday 2012" Quotes
Resident Msawa informal settlement Kya Sands
grateful dweller

Quotes Dear Charmaine and Sue THANK YOU On behalf of the staff, parents and management of the above mentioned Day Care Centre I am hereby writing to express and thanks and gratitude to your organization for organizing a trip for 40 kids from our centre to your centre in Douglasdale, paying R800.00 for their transport and providing food and refreshment on the 26th March, 2012. We have received numerous thanksgiving comments from the parents of the children for what you have done for their kids, since it was the 2nd time to you treat them this way. May the good Lord give you more strength and resources to continue caring for the poor kids in areas of Diepsloot and other places! Kind Regards: Abram Kgari: Founder Oratille Quotes
Oratille Creche
Fun Day at Daily Bread shelter

Quotes You are a natural born "Motivator" it's what you do best. Quotes

Quotes PicknPay & ER24 Daily Bread Org Salutes you by Charmaine McGinley on Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 6:54pm Phew !!! This is the warm fuzzy type of tired you get when you know that a tummy will be full somewhere out there tomorrow.Our humble gratitude to PnP / Source Management (our angels Jonathan and Natalie) who once again have been our enablers (tons of food donated from the Walk the Talk day - PnP we salute you! -Then to the ER24 team who came to our rescue - Alan and his team Quinton Van Dyk, Tyrone vd Berg - they assisted us in lugging tons of food back to the shelter.To my loving and awesome team - Julie, Anthony,Alex (Link, Venus and Issy) and our beloved housemom Cordelia who are always there at the drop of a hat or at the end of a long walk. Quotes
We Salute Pick n Pay and ER24

Quotes It does not give me much time to say goodbye to all of you, and to tell you how much I personally and JIWA have valued our association. I have learnt a lot from your spirit of caring and your ability to always find more to give to people who have nothing. There are people who are hugely needy of our consideration and support in India as well, and I hope to find ways of contributing there to, as we were able to do in this country, thanks to you. Quotes
Sangeeta Doraiswami

Quotes Dear Maam We would like to thank you for the support, clothing, blankets and food we received from your Organisation on 3rd April 2011 when our shack burned down. The whole family was blessed when you helped us as we lost everything. Keep doing what you are doing for the people of Kya Sands. Thank you for your Life of giving and your Love. Quotes
Lerato, Amanda, Paseko, Jeffrey and Daniel
Victims of a Shack Fire

Quotes Hi Charmaine I am delighted to read coverage of your Organisation in the Randburg Sun. Hope all is well I have beautiful photos I took in Limpopo of the poor people your Organisation assisted on my last trip. I will leave them with Cordelia - my appreciation for all you do Quotes
Pastor in Diepsloot

Quotes Charmaine you know you are a Mom to me. I thank God every day for you coming into my life and saving me and my kids. I will never forget your kindness and empathy. Thank you for continuing to walk the road with me. Cordelia thank you for looking after my kids when I wasn't able - you gave them a secure and loving haven in our time of need. More people should know the good work that you do. Quotes

Quotes I cannot believe that your Organisation had made my Dream to be a princess come true. I was dreaming and praying for it., and I have been granted. If this dream has come true, then how many more of my dreams can I look forward to. Thank You! Quotes


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